Work in Progress Seminars

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Convened by Dr Jessica Frazier.

These seminars explore different topics in philosophy through Indian material: there will be discussion of two short presentations on a question, source or idea/argument in Indian Philosophy. All are welcome. The seminar usually takes place twice a term on on Wednesdays, from 4:30-6pm at the OCHS Library.

Trinity Term 2024 Schedule:

  • Week 3 (Friday 10 May, 4:30pm-6pm)
    • Kassandra Dugi (University of Oxford): 'Do Mādhyamikas Believe in Free Will? Śāntideva on Intention, Agency and Causation'
    • Shruthi Matthews (University of Oxford): 'Metaphor and Language in Vasubandhu'
  • Week 7 (Wednesday 5 June, 4:30pm-6pm)
    • Jacob Mortimer (University of Oxford): 'The Time-Lag Argument in Buddhist Theories of Perception'
    • Rembert Lutjeharms (OCHS): '“A Slight Error”? Vedānta, Mādhyamaka, and the eternality of consciousness'


More information, including talk abstracts, can be found here.

Organised by Philiminality Oxford. Convened by Julius Geißler, Laura Cleveland Andersen and Kassandra Dugi.
The Philiminality Oxford Work-in-progress Seminar for Cross-cultural Philosophy (POWSCP) seeks to offer graduate students working on liminal philosophies an opportunity to present their current work to Oxford‘s interdisciplinary graduate community. This termly seminar aims to be a place for the fruitful exchange of philosophical ideas across diverse traditions, speakers are therefore not only invited to receive feedback from an assigned graduate commentator and the audience but also encouraged to participate in a short roundtable discussion with the other speakers and commentators after the talks.
Trinity Term 2024 Schedule:
  • Week 5 (Monday 20 May, 4pm-6pm): Free Will and Agency
    • Prerita Govil: 'Am I an Agent: The Nature of Action According to Pāṇini and the Naiyayikas'

    • Kassandra Dugi: 'Intention, Agency and Causation in Chapter 6 of Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra'

      • Respondent: Oliver Thomson

More information, including talk abstracts, can be found here.