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Graduate Seminars (2022-2023)

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Faculty: Philosophy

Convenors: Prof. Michail Peramatzis & Dr Paolo Fait

Wednesdays, 9am–11am (MT 2022), Worcester College

Faculty: Classics

Convenor: Prof. Tobias Reinhardt

Mondays, 10am–11.30am (MT 2022), Corpus Christi College (Seminar Room)

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Faculty: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Convenor: Prof. Dirk Meyer

Wednesdays, 11am–12.45pm (MT 2022, HT 2023, TT 2023), The Queen's College

This seminar convenes each Wednesday between second and eight week of each term.  Each term, we meet to discuss and translate a different text in classical Chinese philosophy. (Details of readings for MT 2022 will be forthcoming.)

Please note that a good command of Classical Chinese is a prerequisite for this seminar.

If interested, please contact Prof. Dirk Meyer (


Faculty: Philosophy

Convenor: Prof. Dominic Scott

Wednesdays, 2pm–4pm (MT 2022), Radcliffe Humanities building: Ryle Room (first floor)

Faculty: Philosophy

Convenor: Prof. Marion Durand

Thursdays, 11am–1pm, weeks 1-6 (HT 2023), Corpus Christi College Seminar Room

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Faculties: Philosophy/Classics

Convenors: Prof. Luca Castagnoli & Prof. Tobias Reinhardt

Mondays 10am-12pm, Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College

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Upcoming Lectures (TT 2023)

For times/location, see the Philosophy Lecture List & the Theology & Religion Lecture List.

Undergraduate lectures: /

Seminars hosted by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (contact: Jessica Frazier)

  • Szilvia Szanyi: 'Is shape real? A contested category of perception in Abhidharma philosophy' & Shree Nahata: 'Eat Curd, Not Camel! Dharmakīrti and Akalaṅka on anekāntavāda' (Week 3, Wednesday 10th May, 4.30pm-6pm; OCHS Library)
  • Jan Westerhoff: 'The double moon (dvicandra) example, solipsism, and the private language argument' & Kassandra Dugi: 'Like Grain Springing up in a Well Cleaned Field: Self-Attachment, Meditative Absorption and Wisdom in Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra' (Week 7, Wednesday 7th June, 4.30pm-6pm; OCHS Library)

  • Jessica Frazier: 'Against Infinite Nothingness: Arguments East and West for a Foundation of Reality' (Weeks 4-6, Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm; OCHS Library)

    • Week 4: Fragments or Foundations? Universal Emptiness vs Fundamental Unity in India

    • Week 5: What Shapes Reality? Grounding the Modal Order of Things

    • Week 6: Stuff, Power or Space? Finding an 'Ultimate' Reality

Other lectures: