Nathan Carlig on the new Empedocles fragment

Please see below for details of a workshop to be convened at King's College London by Shaul Tor, Catherine Rowett, Tom Mackenzie, and Lea Cantor on 26 May 2023

Circulated on behalf of Lea Cantor

This UK workshop with Dr Nathan Carlig (Université de Liège) will be held in London and gather members of the ancient philosophy community on Friday May 26th 2023, at 5pm.

Dr Carlig's talk is entitled 'The "Cairo Empedocles". New verses of the Physika from P.Fouad inv. 218 (late 1st cent. CE)'.

The motivation for the event is to consider the discovery of new evidence for a central early Greek philosopher, Empedocles, and to gather a community of UK-based experts keen to discuss it amongst themselves and with the discoverer, Dr Nathan Carlig.

Please note that attendance is free but registration is required for admittance to the Strand campus. The workshop is in-person only.

This event is generously supported by King's College London and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.

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